Review: Possessor

Director: Brandon Cronenberg Stars: Angela Riseborough, Christopher Abbott, Tuppence Middleton Living and working in the shadow of David Cronenberg might well be a particularly daunting thing, but son Brandon is gamely stepping up to the task and if the world wasn't won over by his suitably vile debut Antiviral back in 2012, it certainly seems more … Continue reading Review: Possessor

Review: Annihilation

Director: Alex Garland Stars: Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tessa Thompson Alex Garland's second (credited) feature as director is the first true victim of what I'm coming to think of as The Netflix Problem. Produced by Paramount, who are increasingly showing their cowardice toward new and original concepts, the film has been granted a scant … Continue reading Review: Annihilation

Review: Good Time

Directors: Benny Safdie, Josh Safdie Stars: Robert Pattinson, Benny Safdie, Buddy Duress The millstone of starring in a widely derided young adult franchise has spurred Twilight star Robert Pattinson into a series of increasingly impressive independent roles which have rehabilitated his credentials to the point that his involvement is now a draw rather than a concern. … Continue reading Review: Good Time

Twin Peaks Season 3: Part 16

This post will contain SPOILERS throughout. As might well have been expected, there was a lot of activity this week as the show draws closer to the end (next week the final two parts will air together bringing season three to a close), but virtually (maybe even none of it) took place in the town … Continue reading Twin Peaks Season 3: Part 16

Twin Peaks Season 3: Part 9

There will be SPOILERS throughout this post. So, we've had a fortnight to let Part 8  sit, we've ruminated, and we've both feared and marveled at where Mark Frost and David Lynch are going to take us next. Part 8 rewrote the rules of TV and did it by simply pretending it wasn't TV. Lynch refers to this season … Continue reading Twin Peaks Season 3: Part 9

Review: Anomalisa

At the surreal apex of 1999's Being John Malkovich, Charlie Kaufman presented us a restaurant populated entirely with Malkoviches. It's the absurd comedic highlight of the film. Now imagine the kernel of that idea expanded across the world. What if everyone had one face? And instead of being hilarious, it's desperately sad. A world in which … Continue reading Review: Anomalisa

Review: The Hateful Eight

The Hateful Eight appears, upfront, to be a western. Quentin Tarantino's 8th feature film (as he takes great pride in advising us right out of the gate) takes place several years after the end of the Civil War in the coldest wastes of wintry Wyoming. It begins, as Django Unchained before it, with a bounty hunter stopping … Continue reading Review: The Hateful Eight

Why I Love… #28: eXistenZ

Year: 1999 Director: David Cronenberg Stars: Jennifer Jason Leigh (Allegra Geller), Jude Law (Ted Pikul), Ian Holm (Kiri Vinokur), Don McKellar (Yevgeny Nourish), Willem Dafoe (Gas), Callum Keith Rennie (Hugo Carlaw), Robert A Silverman (D’Arcy Nader) Genre: Science Fiction 1999 was a busy year for movies. Perhaps it was some pre-millennial angst that spurred such … Continue reading Why I Love… #28: eXistenZ