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The Lost Highway Hotel is a blog containing movie reviews and essays. It was birthed in July 2012 as a way for me to share the increasing number of film reviews I was writing to keep myself writing at all. I’d always wanted to write fiction, but I found film criticism just as rewarding, if not more so. This hobby soon turned into a vocation, and into a passion. I’ve always loved cinema. Now there are 1,000+ reviews and essays. I’ve become *gasp* a blogger.

Older reviews (written before July 2012) are marked with the date that they were originally written.

There will be new content on a regular basis; reviews of new cinema releases here in the UK, further entries in the Why I Love… series, lists and more. Please note, Why I Love… films are chosen in no particular order.

The Lost Highway Hotel is written by Peter Cox, native of Exeter, Devon, UK.

That’s me.

I’m 38 years old and I enjoy building towers of things, making lists, eating things I probably shouldn’t, listening to records, and – of course – watching movies. I have given screen talks and taken part in film discussion panels locally, and am absolutely open to doing this for money also.

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me a good one

4 thoughts on “Front Desk

  1. Hey Peter,

    Just found your blog… your takes on films are refreshing! I also love Lost Highway so I must say its name is genius! Keep up the good work!

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