Reservations #2: Me And You And Everyone We Know

Year: 2005 Director: Miranda July Stars: John Hawkes (Richard Swersey), Miranda July (Christine Jesperson). Genre: Comedy Nominated by: Hattie English To begin with Me And You And Everyone We Know feels - as Morgan Freeman's Vitruvius would say in The Lego Movie - like a cat poster. Bright, motivational, slapped with a perfunctory slogan and seemingly expectant … Continue reading Reservations #2: Me And You And Everyone We Know

Reservations: Tony (2009)

Year: 2009 Director: Gerard Johnson Stars: Peter Ferdinando (Tony Benson), Neil Maskell (Mike Hemmings). Genre: Thriller / Drama Nominated by: Bonnie Gilbert This, then, is the first in a potentially recurring series of essays on films suggested by other people. Whether this works out or not, I don't know, but for now here's a piece … Continue reading Reservations: Tony (2009)