Review: Rabid (2019)

Directors: Jen Soska, Sylvia Soska Stars: Laura Vandervoort, Mackenzie Gray, Hanneke Talbot To 'stan' has become part of the cultural parlance, and even a quick Google will give the uninitiated a definition: To "be an overzealous or obsessive fan of a particular celebrity". In general usage its applied more casually, I've found. Why bring it … Continue reading Review: Rabid (2019)

25 Best Horror Films Of The Decade (So Far)

Though we're only a year and a half from bringing the decade to a close (at which point there'll be plenty of lists like this), the release of the impressive A Quiet Place spurred the decision to tally up the best horror films to have been released since 2010, according to The Lost Highway Hotel. So if … Continue reading 25 Best Horror Films Of The Decade (So Far)

Review: Vendetta (2015)

Jen & Sylvia Soska have acquired a modestly significant online cult following, codified via social networking, but one which is in danger of losing its potency  if their output continues its present trajectory. I came to know of their existence around the end of 2012 when the pre-release buzz here in the UK for American Mary proved … Continue reading Review: Vendetta (2015)

Review: See No Evil 2

Full disclosure; my interest in this film comes solely from the directing talent of Jen & Sylvia Soska, the 'Twisted Twins' who were behind one of last year's finest surprises, American Mary. That movie - a chilly surgical horror with a healthy streak of black humour - was enough to put them on the map for … Continue reading Review: See No Evil 2

Review: The ABCs of Death 2

The unnecessary sequel is a prevalent beast in horror. Later this month a sequel to the dire 2006 WWE slasher See No Evil will appear direct to VOD. What would be a lamentable non-event has been lent an air of anticipation thanks to the involvement of Jen & Sylvia Soska, the twisted twins who last year brought … Continue reading Review: The ABCs of Death 2