Review: Velvet Buzzsaw

Director: Dan Gilroy Stars: Jake Gyllenhaal, Zawe Ashton, Natalie Dyer There's so much content these days. Dan Gilroy's latest film, Velvet Buzzsaw, has arrived on Netflix as unceremoniously as anything else. In fact, in light of the arrival of yet another of their ten-a-penny original shows stealing its thunder when you log in, you'll probably have … Continue reading Review: Velvet Buzzsaw

Review: Arabian Nights Vol. 1 – The Restless One

I'm fairly new to the cinema of Miguel Gomes; my awareness and interest in him piqued by his 2012 film Tabu, a collision of styles with a two-fold narrative that I found charming in a Wes Anderson fashion - well, the fanciful extended flashback fairy tale of its second half - but overall somewhat listless. A film I … Continue reading Review: Arabian Nights Vol. 1 – The Restless One

Why I Love… #64: The Stuff

Year: 1985 Director: Larry Cohen Stars: Michael Moriarty (David 'Mo' Rutherford), Andrea Marcovicci (Nicole), Garrett Morris ('Chocolate Chip' Charlie), Scott Bloom (Jason), Paul Sorvino (Col. Spears) Genre: Horror / Comedy / Science Fiction In less than 2 minutes and before any credits have rolled, Larry Cohen's superb 80s 'B-picture' The Stuff announces its shrewd, prescient ethos. During … Continue reading Why I Love… #64: The Stuff

Review: Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

There was a time, a time before Anchorman... But really, who wants to remember that time? Will Ferrell and Adam McKay's first movie about news-reading anarchy has enjoyed the kind of ripple-effect longevity that comedy filmmakers dream of. So it's easy to forget that, on release, the first Anchorman was not considered a success; the reviews were … Continue reading Review: Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues