Review: In Fabric

Director: Peter Strickland Stars:  Fatma Mohamed, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Hayley Squires The sinister manipulations of inanimate objects have long antagonised our cinema screens, as horror filmmakers try to wring out truths about our obsessions with commodities. With things. This decade kicked off with an absurdist entry in the genre, as Quentin Dupieux used the prospect of … Continue reading Review: In Fabric

Review: Mindhorn

Director: Sean Foley Stars: Julian Barratt, Essie Davis, Andrea Riseborough Conjured like a brain bomb by Simon Farnaby and nurtured into a nutty mushroom cloud with the aid of Julian Barratt, Mindhorn is a new oddball laugh machine squatting in UK cinemas offering a decidedly British alternative in the post Oscar-season playing field. It's something of a … Continue reading Review: Mindhorn

Review: Aaaaaaaah!

Two grown men emerge from some undergrowth, ambling in a simian manner. They rest at a fallen tree. The dark-haired man, Keith (Tom Meeten), massages the knees of the more dominant Smith (writer / director Steve Oram). Smith fetches a framed photograph of a woman in a bridal gown from his pocket, a look of lamentation in … Continue reading Review: Aaaaaaaah!

Review: The ABCs of Death 2

The unnecessary sequel is a prevalent beast in horror. Later this month a sequel to the dire 2006 WWE slasher See No Evil will appear direct to VOD. What would be a lamentable non-event has been lent an air of anticipation thanks to the involvement of Jen & Sylvia Soska, the twisted twins who last year brought … Continue reading Review: The ABCs of Death 2

Review: A Field In England

You've got to give him credit; Ben Wheatley has come far in a short space of time. Rattling off four films in as many years, he has quickly managed to establish himself as a sort of beacon in British cinema. Together with his partner Amy Jump, Wheatley has come to offer something of an alternative … Continue reading Review: A Field In England