Review: She Dies Tomorrow

Director: Amy Seimetz Stars: Kate Lyn Sheil, Jane Adams, Michelle Rodriguez One of the ultimate truisms and taboos in our society is that we're all going to die. It's a natural event; one of the few guaranteed experiences we will all encounter; yet bringing it up in conversation - as evidenced here in Amy Seimetz's … Continue reading Review: She Dies Tomorrow

Twin Peaks Season 3: Part 4

There will be spoilers throughout this post. After the intensely weird odyssey of Part 3 (especially it's opening), Part 4 can't help but feel a little more grounded, though we're still talking  comparatively here. We return to the casino where the man-child version of Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) is causing a stir winning big on … Continue reading Twin Peaks Season 3: Part 4