Minutiae: The Zig-Zag Path in The Koker Trilogy

There are a handful of directors who compete, in my mind, for all-time greatest. Kelly Reichardt, David Lynch, Yasujiro Ozu, Abbas Kiarostami... Abbas Kiarostami. The late Iranian master who, between 1987 and 1994, directed three interconnected films that came to be known as The Koker Trilogy (a moniker he allowed but didn't coin). The three … Continue reading Minutiae: The Zig-Zag Path in The Koker Trilogy

The Best Films Of The Decade

I posted a list like this, broken out into 5 parts, earlier this year, then took it down again. I was triggered by a couple of other publications that dared to make their lists so early. This is an updated version. Long, but snugly housed all in the one post. It just requires a lot … Continue reading The Best Films Of The Decade

Review: 24 Frames

Director: Abbas Kiarostami 'I always wonder to what extent the artist aims to depict the reality of a scene. Painters capture only one frame of reality and nothing before or after it. For "24 Frames" I started with famous paintings but then switched to photos I had taken through the years. I included about four and … Continue reading Review: 24 Frames

Review: Like Someone In Love

Like Someone In Love, the latest film from Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami, opens at a trendy-looking nightspot in Tokyo. The camera remains static inside the busy establishment as we hear a woman talking on the phone. We peer into the scene, trying to distinguish who is speaking. It is only when we cut to another … Continue reading Review: Like Someone In Love