Review: The Lighthouse

Director: Robert Eggers Stars: Robert Pattinson, Willem Dafoe, Valeriia Karaman The thankless, backbreaking toil of the working class; the promise of abundance higher up the economic ladder; entrenched homophobia and repressed homosexuality; the inescapable past; the ruination of alcoholism and its use as a tool to keep men down; the allure of a piscine vagina... … Continue reading Review: The Lighthouse

Review: The Florida Project

Director: Sean Baker Stars: Bria Vinaite, Brooklynn Prince, Willem Dafoe A couple of years back Sean Baker came to some people's attention for Tangerine, a joyous Christmas movie that gained soundbite currency for being filmed wholly on an iPhone. This freestyling spirit was warmly embraced and was more than befitting for the movie's "just go and … Continue reading Review: The Florida Project

Review: John Wick

Imagine for a second if, in Die Hard, Hans Gruber not only knew who John McClane was, but knew the reputation he'd grow to have over the next few movies. Exactly how much bad guy shit McClane would put pay to over the years. Exactly how many mercenaries would die. Knowing, with grim inevitability, that he was … Continue reading Review: John Wick

Why I Love… #28: eXistenZ

Year: 1999 Director: David Cronenberg Stars: Jennifer Jason Leigh (Allegra Geller), Jude Law (Ted Pikul), Ian Holm (Kiri Vinokur), Don McKellar (Yevgeny Nourish), Willem Dafoe (Gas), Callum Keith Rennie (Hugo Carlaw), Robert A Silverman (D’Arcy Nader) Genre: Science Fiction 1999 was a busy year for movies. Perhaps it was some pre-millennial angst that spurred such … Continue reading Why I Love… #28: eXistenZ

Review: The Hunter

The Hunter is a film by Daniel Nettheim, based on the book of the same name by Julia Leigh. The film stars Willem Dafoe as Martin David, a hired hand for a research company looking to obtain biological data from the Tasmanian tiger; a species thought long extinct. Martin travels to Tasmania in order to … Continue reading Review: The Hunter

Review: Antichrist

***originally written 14 August 2009*** Antichrist is the latest film from Lars Von Trier, a horror piece that has courted no small amount of controversy for it's explicit content. It'll make you wince more than once. The basic outline is that a nameless couple - Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg - travel to a woodland … Continue reading Review: Antichrist