Review: Jason Bourne

Director: Paul Greengrass Stars: Matt Damon, Alicia Vikander, Tommy Lee Jones Movies take a long time to make, even within the ever churning gears of the Hollywood machine, and so there's no way that Universal or the producers of the latest Jason Bourne film (woodenly titled Jason Bourne) could possibly have anticipated the recent and tragic events … Continue reading Review: Jason Bourne

Review: Tale Of Tales

Plot holes in films are irksome things, evidence of imperfection. Depending on your attachment to the surrounding material, they can often be forgiven, however. A weakness, sure, but usually not a fatal one, so long as the scale isn't tipped by their presence too harshly. I can usually overlook plot holes in favour of finding enjoyment … Continue reading Review: Tale Of Tales

Review: Trance

Kinetic. If nothing else, Danny Boyle's films are always this. There's a forward striving momentum to both the man and his work which has made him something of a charmed poster-boy for UK filmmaking over the past two decades. Since Trainspotting his movie choices have set him globe-trotting, even breaching the Earth's orbit and hurtling … Continue reading Review: Trance

Review: Black Swan

***originally written 28 January 2011*** The Oscars don't generally give out their major awards to horror films; the genre doesn't have nearly enough respect in those terms. So it is entirely understandable why Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan is not being marketed as a horror movie, but rather, as it's trailer insinuates, more of a sexually … Continue reading Review: Black Swan