Review: Bliss

Director: Joe Begos Stars: Dora Madison, Tru Collins, Jeremy Gardner Joe Begos had a productive 2019. His John Carpenter homage VFW recently hit Netflix  and was one of two features he brought to bear. Eureka Entertainment have given his other feature Bliss a welcome physical outlet. A limited edition is already starting to seem scarce, … Continue reading Review: Bliss

Review: Spring

Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead are on something of a roll. 2012's Resolution was a smart character-driven twist on horror conventions. While it may not have lit up the box office, it was well-received in the circles that care about such things. Think of it as the elitist The Cabin In The Woods. Spring sees them continue to play with … Continue reading Review: Spring

Review: Da Sweet Blood Of Jesus

A remake of 70's cult blaxploitation title Ganja & Hess, Spike Lee's latest joint is a Kickstarter funded horror film; his first effort in the genre and one of the precious few recent horrors from a  black creative team. One can bemoan the conspicuous absence of black voices in horror (there was a very interesting article just … Continue reading Review: Da Sweet Blood Of Jesus