Review: Bliss

Director: Joe Begos Stars: Dora Madison, Tru Collins, Jeremy Gardner Joe Begos had a productive 2019. His John Carpenter homage VFW recently hit Netflix  and was one of two features he brought to bear. Eureka Entertainment have given his other feature Bliss a welcome physical outlet. A limited edition is already starting to seem scarce, … Continue reading Review: Bliss

Review: A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night

Few films that have appeared on the 2015 UK release sheet have piqued my interest as much as Ana Lily Amirpour's deliciously mysterious A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night. First of all in and of itself is that title, which is filled with potential threat while also being guilelessly matter-of-fact. Then there's the rough sell … Continue reading Review: A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night

Review: Only Lovers Left Alive

  With the possible exception of Harmony Korine, Jim Jarmusch is about as hipster as American independent cinema gets. It's a shame that this carries such a negative connotation, as the man has made some great films over his career, yet they have remained doggedly under the radar. Even his breakout 'hits' (Dead Man, Ghost Dog: … Continue reading Review: Only Lovers Left Alive

Why I Love… #25: Nosferatu

Year: 1922 Director: F.W. Murnau Stars: Max Schreck (Orlok / Nosferatu), Gustav von Wangenheim (Hutter), Greta Schroder (Ellen Hutter), Alexander Granach (Knock) Genre: Horror Let’s not pretend for a moment that I know what I am talking about with this one. When it comes to 1920s silent cinema, German or otherwise, I am in over … Continue reading Why I Love… #25: Nosferatu