25 Best Horror Films Of The Decade (So Far)

Though we're only a year and a half from bringing the decade to a close (at which point there'll be plenty of lists like this), the release of the impressive A Quiet Place spurred the decision to tally up the best horror films to have been released since 2010, according to The Lost Highway Hotel. So if … Continue reading 25 Best Horror Films Of The Decade (So Far)

Review: Friend Request

Swirling around the central conceit that social media is a bad thing and we're all addicted, Friend Request marks the English language debut of director Simon Verhoeven, and those who have already seen last year's innovative horror Unfriended will feel plenty familiar with some of the ground it covers, albeit in a markedly different way. As with Unfriended, Friend Request … Continue reading Review: Friend Request

The Lost Highway Hotel Awards 2016

I live in two minds about award ceremonies. On the one hand picking the best anything is an act of futility. Taste has so much to do with it. So because of that they seem indulgent and overblown, at worst self-congratulatory acts of excess when so many more vital things warrant the cost and attention. … Continue reading The Lost Highway Hotel Awards 2016