Review: Cats

Director: Tom Hooper Stars: Francesca Hayward, Jennifer Hudson, Taylor Swift When I was 16 I took LSD for the first and only time in my life. I had anticipated, thanks to TV and film, to suddenly see conjured pink elephants and gateways to other dimensions. Time-lapsed flowering mushrooms and the like. That didn't really happen. … Continue reading Review: Cats

Review: The Danish Girl

Another New Year, another transformative Eddie Redmayne performance. This time last year we were taken aback by the actor's committed performance as Stephen Hawking in The Theory Of Everything; a chameleonic turn that garnered multiple awards. It was not long after that the first images of him in The Danish Girl appeared, and almost immediately whisper began … Continue reading Review: The Danish Girl

Review: The King’s Speech

***originally written 13 January 2011*** New Year generally brings about a glut of furrowed brows on cinema screens as Oscar season brings us a wealth of dramas all hungry for appreciation. It's very easy to find a lot of the earnestness in this a little tiresome. Where summer brings with it the popcorn fluff, winter … Continue reading Review: The King’s Speech