The Lost Highway Hotel’s Alternative Christmas

Here at the Hotel I have a different approach to Christmas. Sure, there are the classics. It's A Wonderful Life, Die Hard, Gremlins etc, etc. But a tradition of sorts has also appeared of going back to the least Christmassy of yuletide films. Essentially, if you're not one to deck the halls with whatever but still like to theme … Continue reading The Lost Highway Hotel’s Alternative Christmas

List: My 301 Favourite Movies (20-1)

Day Five. The top 20. My desert island films. I could watch pretty much any of these films any time. The reasons for their appeal vary; I'll get into that a little bit. But these are the ones that, for whatever reason, stir my spaghetti. Okay, enough prerequisite preamble. Let's just do this! 20. The … Continue reading List: My 301 Favourite Movies (20-1)

Why I Love… #6: The Apartment

Year: 1960 Director: Billy Wilder Stars: Jack Lemmon (C.C. Baxter), Shirley Maclaine (Fran Kubelik), Fred MacMurray (Jeff Sheldrake), Jack Kruschen (Dr. Dreyfuss). Genre: Romance / Drama / Comedy Released just a year after Billy Wilder’s smash-hit comedy Some Like It Hot, it’s easy to forget that The Apartment isn’t particularly funny. It’s a romantic comedy … Continue reading Why I Love… #6: The Apartment