Review: First Love

Director: Takashi Miike Stars: Becky, Masataka Kubota, Sakurako Konishi During most trips to the cinema you won't find yourself watching gut-shot Yakuza henchmen having dust from blown-open cocaine baggies snorted off of their rising hard-ons on the backseat of a speeding car, but then, most trips to the cinema in the UK aren't to see … Continue reading Review: First Love

List: Six Halloween Alternatives

So it's that time of year again, and neither the big studios nor the independents are offering us any cinematic scares to speak of, unless you're prepared for the quality mire of direct-to-video digging. For many the big screen will remain dark this Halloween. But if you're not partying or trick or treating (or if … Continue reading List: Six Halloween Alternatives

Why I Love… #35: 13 Assassins

Year: 2010 Director: Takashi Miike Stars:  Kôji Yakusho (Shinzaemon Shimada), Gorô Inagaki (Lord Naritsugu), Tsuyoshi Ihara (Hirayama), Takayuki Yamada (Shinrouko), Yûsuke Iseya (Koyata Kiga) Genre: Action / Drama / Martial Arts Takashi Miike’s body of work as a director is intimidating. He is ruthlessly prolific, and as one might expect from such frequent output, consistency … Continue reading Why I Love… #35: 13 Assassins

Why I Love… #10: Audition

Year: 1999 Director: Takashi Miike Stars: Ryu Ishibashi (Shigeharu Aoyama), Eihi Shiina (Asami Yamazaki), Tetsu Sawaki (Shigehiko Aoyama), Jun Kunimura (Yasuhisa Yoshikawa) Genre: Horror / Mystery For me, it’s the greatest horror film of the last 20 years. Easy. Of course, I didn’t always think so... Truth be told when I first saw Audition I … Continue reading Why I Love… #10: Audition