Review: On The Rocks

Director: Sofia Coppola Stars: Rashida Jones, Marlon Wayans, Bill Murray During the rounds for The Beguiled, the whiteness of Sofia Coppola's cinema became part of The Discourse. Though persons of colour have played minor or supporting roles here and there in her work, it was fair criticism - especially considering that film's setting - and … Continue reading Review: On The Rocks

Review: The Beguiled

Director: Sofia Coppola Stars: Nicole Kidman, Colin Farrell, Kirsten Dunst The arrival of a new Sofia Coppola film is always cause for excitement. With the triptych of The Virgin Suicides, Lost In Translation and (the poorly received but enduring) Marie Antoinette she confirmed herself a major talent in American filmmaking, tapping into a thoughtful feminine ennui with her … Continue reading Review: The Beguiled

Why I Love… #77: Lost In Translation

Year: 2003 Director: Sofia Coppola Stars: Bill Murray (Bob Harris), Scarlett Johansson (Charlotte), Giovanni Ribisi (John),  Catherine Lambert (Jazz Singer), Anna Faris (Kelly), Fumihiro Hayashi (Charlie Brown). Genre: Romance Lost In Translation saw me fall in love with two women. Allow me to try to organise my thoughts on how to express these binding affections, which have grown and … Continue reading Why I Love… #77: Lost In Translation

Why I Love… #56: The Virgin Suicides

Year: 1999 Director: Sofia Coppola Stars: Kirsten Dunst (Lux Lisbon), Kathleen Turner (Mrs Lisbon), James Woods (Ronald Lisbon), Josh Hartnett (Trip Fontaine), Scott Glenn (Father Moody), Hanna Hall (Cecilia Lisbon) Genre: Comedy / Drama / Literary Adaptation Memories. Nostalgia. Growing pains. The Virgin Suicides holds a special place for me for a number of reasons, but … Continue reading Why I Love… #56: The Virgin Suicides

Review: The Bling Ring

Sofia Coppola's fifth film is based on the true story of a group of young adults in the Beverly Hills area who made a hobby out of sneaking into the homes of movie stars and tabloid celebrities and leaving with souvenirs of their illicit late night visits. Souvenirs worth over $3 million. Their primary targets were … Continue reading Review: The Bling Ring

Review: Somewhere

***originally written 14 December 2010*** Complaining that Somewhere is slow is foolish. It's like complaining that a Michael Bay film has explosions. Sofia Coppola has made her name with slow moving, thoughtful pictures, absorbed in the minutiae and nuance of human behaviour. Her films thus far have been exquisitely framed, languid and poetic, heartfelt and … Continue reading Review: Somewhere