Review: The First Purge

Director: Gerard McMurray Stars: Lex Scott Davis, Y'lan Noel, Jovian Wade The quality of the movies in the Purge franchise ricochets unevenly from film to film, and its tough to cite any entry as the series' defining statement thus far, yet the political capital of the series has managed to increase every time. What started out … Continue reading Review: The First Purge

Review: Selma

I saw Selma at a special preview screening on Martin Luther King Day, over two weeks before its wide release here in the UK and started writing this review that evening. I've sat on it a little, saving this post for nearer it's release on February 6th. But you know how it is when you want to … Continue reading Review: Selma

Review: Two Days, One Night

I'm going to do my best here to explain why this film is great. There'll be words, superlatives, arguments urging you to go and see it. But perhaps the best recommendation possible comes courtesy of the elderly couple sat behind me in the cinema when I saw it. We all got to the end of … Continue reading Review: Two Days, One Night

Why I Love… #64: The Stuff

Year: 1985 Director: Larry Cohen Stars: Michael Moriarty (David 'Mo' Rutherford), Andrea Marcovicci (Nicole), Garrett Morris ('Chocolate Chip' Charlie), Scott Bloom (Jason), Paul Sorvino (Col. Spears) Genre: Horror / Comedy / Science Fiction In less than 2 minutes and before any credits have rolled, Larry Cohen's superb 80s 'B-picture' The Stuff announces its shrewd, prescient ethos. During … Continue reading Why I Love… #64: The Stuff