Review: 21 Bridges

Director: Brian Kirk Stars: Chadwick Boseman, Stephan James, Sienna Miller 21 - The number of bridges connecting Manhattan to the outside world that are shut down by maverick cop Andre Davis (Chadwick Boseman) in order to contain the fugitives of his latest case; a drug robbery gone horribly wrong. 2 - The number of suspects in … Continue reading Review: 21 Bridges

Review: American Woman

Director: Jake Scott Stars: Sienna Miller, Aaron Paul, Christina Hendricks Jae Scott - son of Ridders - steps back onto the stage with this muted, quietly impressive little indie, but to the world at large it might seem as though it isn't even there. The internet discourse is wrapped up in Joker still, while cinema … Continue reading Review: American Woman

Review: High-Rise

Spying on his mother from the vantage of the twenty-sixth floor balcony, a young boy named Toby (Louis Suc) is spotted by Dr. Robert Laing (Tom Hiddleston) from the balcony below. Laing asks what Toby can see through the kaleidoscope he has in his hands. Toby replies, "the future". This seemingly insignificant moment may be the central … Continue reading Review: High-Rise

Review: American Sniper

Consider this list of words. Hustle. Beauty. Mary. Pie. Wedding. Reunion. Splendor. Psycho. Gangster. Gigolo. President. Muscle. Yakuza. Buffalo. Samurai. Gothic. Gun. Dreamz. Virgin. Loser. Ninja. Outlaws. Werewolf In London. Werewolf In Paris. History X. And now Sniper. Before we get into the meat of this film, can I make a humble request that studios … Continue reading Review: American Sniper