Why I Love… #96: The Children’s Hour

Year: 1961 Director: William Wyler Stars: Audrey Hepburn, Shirley MacLaine, James Garner In 1961 William Wyler took a second swing at bringing Lillian Hellman's play, The Children's Hour, to the big screen. The play tells the story of two female teachers who are falsely 'outed' as lesbians by a naughty pupil, and follows the immediate disrepair … Continue reading Why I Love… #96: The Children’s Hour

Why I Love… #6: The Apartment

Year: 1960 Director: Billy Wilder Stars: Jack Lemmon (C.C. Baxter), Shirley Maclaine (Fran Kubelik), Fred MacMurray (Jeff Sheldrake), Jack Kruschen (Dr. Dreyfuss). Genre: Romance / Drama / Comedy Released just a year after Billy Wilder’s smash-hit comedy Some Like It Hot, it’s easy to forget that The Apartment isn’t particularly funny. It’s a romantic comedy … Continue reading Why I Love… #6: The Apartment