Minutiae: The Rain Dance in Kotoko

The following contains significant plot spoilers for the movie. The link between rain and catharsis is a staple of cinematic storytelling, often representative of a release of tension, a moment of acceptance, or some other instance of resolution. From Rutger Hauer musing on memories like "tears in rain" as his Roy Batty shuts down at … Continue reading Minutiae: The Rain Dance in Kotoko

Why I Love… #26: Akira

Year: 1988 Director: Katsuhiro Otomo Genre: Animation / Science Fiction Otomo’s movie – a mere snapshot of his sprawling manga series – is to this day a cornerstone of Japanese animation. A landmark movie of its kind. Yet for me it is more than just an impressive artistic feat. It is part of the vital … Continue reading Why I Love… #26: Akira