Review: Last Flag Flying

Director: Richard Linklater Stars: Bryan Cranston, Laurence Fishburne, Steve Carell Teaming up with Darryl Ponicsan, author of the novel The Last Detail, Richard Linklater follows the one-two-three punch of Before Midnight, Boyhood and Everybody Wants Some!! with a picture that feels somewhat out of step with a lot of modern filmmaking, one that lands on limited release here in the … Continue reading Review: Last Flag Flying

Review: Everybody Wants Some!!

About as lovable and endearing as a men's rights activist, the American college frat boy movie has long been one of comedy cinema's impossible wins. Constructed wholly from cliché, you'll be hard pressed to find a single shining example of the genre that isn't tainted by its own odd desperation and overwhelming irrelevance. Yet, with … Continue reading Review: Everybody Wants Some!!

Review: Boyhood

It often feels as though Richard Linklater is taken for granted. Early features such as Slacker and Dazed And Confused earned him respect, but of a particular kind. A seeming begrudged acceptance that, yes, he'd done quite well for a guy who, really, isn't the sort who becomes a cinematic auteur. Linklater appeared too easy-going. As if … Continue reading Review: Boyhood

Review: Before Midnight

There's something extremely satisfying about watching Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy) growing older together. From the full-blown romantic flush of their first meeting in 1995's Before Sunrise, through the more pragmatic (but beautifully balanced) 2004 reunion Before Sunset, and now with Before Midnight, their lives reflect the passing of time in our own. How much they've … Continue reading Review: Before Midnight

Why I Love… #9: Dazed And Confused

Year: 1993 Director: Richard Linklater Stars: Rory Cochrane (Slater), Jason London (Randall ‘Pink’ Floyd), Michelle Burke (Jodi Kramer), Wiley Wiggins (Mitch Kramer), Matthew McConaughey (Wooderson), Parker Posey (Darla), Adam Goldberg (Mike), Marissa Ribisi (Cynthia), Anthony Rapp (Tony), Milla Jovovich (Michelle), Joey Lauren Adams (Simone), Ben Affleck (O’Bannion) Genre: Comedy / Drama Nostalgia. It’s all about … Continue reading Why I Love… #9: Dazed And Confused