Review: Happy As Lazzaro

Director: Alice Rohrwacher Stars: Adriano Tardiolo, Alba Rohrwacher, Luca Chikovani This review contains some mild spoilers. I've tried to keep it vague, but I really couldn't help it if we're to talk about the movie in any meaningful way. There's a flavour of 70's Italian rebel Pasolini about Alice Rohrwacher's Happy As Lazzaro; a singularly … Continue reading Review: Happy As Lazzaro

180: The Tenacity of mother!

Spurred by the release of Francis Lawrence's tone-deaf spy thriller┬áRed Sparrow, which numbly deploys sexual abuse and exploitation as just-another-plot-mechanic, it felt like time to revisit one of last year's more divisive titles, one I increasingly feel I didn't give a fair shake. A little under six months ago I gave┬ámother! a dismissive two star … Continue reading 180: The Tenacity of mother!