Twin Peaks Season 3: Part 18

This post will contain SPOILERS throughout. How did we get here? A few years ago it seemed impossible for Twin Peaks to return. Then the news broke. We knew, eventually, that it would be 18 hours and that David Lynch would direct it all. Then it was about waiting. And waiting. When it arrived I don't … Continue reading Twin Peaks Season 3: Part 18

Twin Peaks Season 3: Parts 1 & 2

With the summer season looking particularly moribund at cinemas this year and with the arrival of this new, long-thought-impossible third season of Twin Peaks, I've decided to change-up. Movie reviews will still appear, but probably with less frequency as I devote time to chronicling this latest exploration into the labyrinthine head space of David Lynch. This … Continue reading Twin Peaks Season 3: Parts 1 & 2

Review: Suburban Gothic

Excision, directed by Richard Bates Jr., is one of my favourite modern horror films, and one of my favourite films of the decade so far, regardless of genre. A confident and daring sneak attack, it masked its subversive nature in wry humour and a colour palette that recalls American Beauty more than American Mary (another modern favourite, whose … Continue reading Review: Suburban Gothic

Why I Love… #34: Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

Year: 1992 Director: David Lynch Stars: Sheryl Lee (Laura Palmer), Ray Wise (Leland Palmer), Kyle MacLachlan (Special Agent Dale Cooper), Michael Anderson (Man From Another Place), Chris Isaak (Special Agent Chester Desmond), Moira Kelly (Donna Hayward) Genre: Drama / Mystery / Horror Firstly, if you’ve not seen the whole of the Twin Peaks TV series … Continue reading Why I Love… #34: Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me