Why I Love… #129: Niagara

Year: 1953 Director: Henry Hathaway Stars: Marilyn Monroe, Joseph Cotten, Jean Peters Marilyn Monroe's screen presence and charisma are undeniable, it's been reiterated ad nauseam for decades. These qualities made her a star, but they didn't grant her a free pass when it came to dramatic roles. Monroe wasn't a great actor, and the tales … Continue reading Why I Love… #129: Niagara

Review: Long Day’s Journey Into Night

Director: Bi Gan Stars: Huang Jue, Tang Wei, Sylvia Chang In a very specific but entirely fitting sense, Bi Gan's Long Day's Journey Into Night exists outside of time for me. The film was released in China on the last day of 2018. It received its (very limited) UK cinematic release in the last week … Continue reading Review: Long Day’s Journey Into Night

Why I Love… #94: Suddenly, Last Summer

Year: 1959 Director: Joseph L Mankiewicz Stars: Elizabeth Taylor, Katharine Hepburn, Montgomery Clift This essay will contain plot spoilers. It's been 59 years since the film came out, but still, consider yourself warned. Released in 1959 to mixed - if not downright negative - reviews, Joseph L Mankiewicz's exaggeration of a short Tennessee Williams play … Continue reading Why I Love… #94: Suddenly, Last Summer

Review: The Frontier

Director: Oren Shai Stars: Jocelin Donahue, Kelly Lynch, Izabella Miko "Where is Rod Serling? I feel like I just entered an episode of The Twilight Zone!" So speaks one of a variety of eccentric characters in Oren Shai's deliciously stylish The Frontier; an example of self-aware dialogue in a film that seems to exist wholly within a set … Continue reading Review: The Frontier

Review: The Nice Guys

Having penned the Lethal Weapon films, Last Action Hero and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (also his directorial debut), Shane Black has already proved himself wise to the tropes and the traps of the Hollywood action movie. He's got a proven track record of jimmying open a tired cliché and emptying its contents out onto the table, in the process … Continue reading Review: The Nice Guys

Why I Love… #78: Touch Of Evil

Year: 1958 / 1998 Director: Orson Welles Stars: Charlton Heston (Ramon Miguel Vargas), Janet Leigh (Susan Vargas), Orson Welles (Hank Quinlan), Joseph Calleia (Pete Menzies), Akim Tamiroff (Uncle Joe Grandi), Victor Millan (Manolo Sanchez), Marlene Dietrich (Tana) Genre: Crime Thriller / Noir Touch Of Evil and the work of Orson Welles stand gargantuan in the … Continue reading Why I Love… #78: Touch Of Evil

Review: Inherent Vice

For some, myself included, there's a palpable sense of anticipation whenever a new Paul Thomas Anderson film lands, especially in recent years as the austerity of There Will Be Blood and The Master have rushed him to the top of the stack of America's brightest, most lauded directors. Inherent Vice seems likely to appease as many of … Continue reading Review: Inherent Vice

Review: The Double

Influence hangs heavy in the air in Richard Aoyade's darkly comic second feature The Double. An adaptation of Dostoyevsky's novella, it tells the tale of one man, Simon James (Jesse Eisenberg), who feels invisible within a hermetically sealed world. He is but a gear in a great, ungainly machine, a cipher within a bureaucracy that is fast … Continue reading Review: The Double