Review: The Neon Demon

It's becoming increasingly clear that Nicolas Winding Refn's 2011 crossover hit Drive is something of an outlier in his body of work; an unexpectedly accessible stepchild that's drawn welcome attention, but who doesn't exactly represent the general personality of the rest of the clan. Certainly Refn has done little to coddle the wider audience Drive afforded him. … Continue reading Review: The Neon Demon

Review: Only God Forgives

First thing's first, and a crucial caveat for Only God Forgives; this is not Drive 2. Whatever you may think based on the advertising campaign, or whatever you may be wishing for, this is not that movie. Give up on that one for the time being. The second collaboration between auteur director Nicolas Winding Refn and … Continue reading Review: Only God Forgives

Review: Drive

***originally written 9 October 2011*** I know nothing about cars. Really, despite God knows how many cumulative hours of Top Gear, nothing has stuck. Even my housemate Tom knows how to approach me on the subject of cars. This brief conversation happened just yesterday: Tom: I got a new car. Me: Oh yeah? What kind? … Continue reading Review: Drive