Review: Angel Has Fallen

Director: Ric Roman Waugh Stars: Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman, Jada Pinkett Smith Seemingly made for the six people left who still think that 24 ought to be a thing, but with half the budget of a standard episode, Angel Has Fallen is the second sequel to silly but harmless action thriller Olympus Has Fallen. Industrial … Continue reading Review: Angel Has Fallen

Review: London Has Fallen

With a plot seemingly salvaged from the wastepaper bins of the 24 writers' room, London Has Fallen director Babak Najafi has managed to cobble together what must be The Room of zealously patriotic terrible action movies; a construction that is in itself an act of terrorism against not only cinema but basic common sense. Absolutely nothing about the movie is … Continue reading Review: London Has Fallen

Review: Lucy

Luc Besson is still making movies like it's the 90's and he's cool as fuck. That's fine for him. The seemingly sustained confidence and gung-ho action euphoria of his cinematic output must be a beautiful, starry world to live in. A slick, seductive place where walking around a corner happens like someone's sat on the … Continue reading Review: Lucy

Review: The Lego Movie

On paper I should be against something like this. Product placement in movies is - almost always - the form's artistic nadir. Intrusive, unwanted, soulless and often downright irritating, it pollutes the medium and at its most invasive (I, Robot or Wreck-It Ralph) does considerable damage to the final film*. Then there's the smaller stratosphere of … Continue reading Review: The Lego Movie