Review: Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood

Director: Quentin Tarantino Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margaret Qualley Quentin Tarantino is a fan of stories. Tall ones. Stories with a shade of truth but... embellished, stretched out, shaggy 'round the edges. Anyone who's seen his Inglorious Basterds can attest to that. He prefers a romanticised version of history; one he can reshape. In … Continue reading Review: Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood

Review: The Revenant

Conventional wisdom tells us that violence and vengeance form a circle, but that notion suggests the return to a beginning place, a place of innocence where said violence existed only in potential. What if, instead, it were a spiral, emanating from a microcosmic central point, it's range growing ever-wider as it sprawls out into the universe? How … Continue reading Review: The Revenant

Review: The Wolf Of Wall Street

At the time of writing Martin Scorsese is 71 years old. Not that you'd know it from watching his latest film - his twenty-somethingth feature - which careers out of the gate at top speed and barely pauses for breath once in its entire 180 minutes. After the delightful yet stuffy prestige puff-piece Hugo, one would've … Continue reading Review: The Wolf Of Wall Street

Review: Django Unchained

Much as Wes Anderson's films increasingly resemble elaborate and extended versions of Max Fischer's plays from Rushmore, so Quentin Tarantino's post-millennial output bring to mind the kind of trashy screenplays Pulp Fiction's Mia Wallace might've auditioned for. Hell, Kill Bill was essentially the Fox Force Five show mentioned in the Jack Rabbit Slims sequence. Anyone waiting for Tarantino … Continue reading Review: Django Unchained

Review: J. Edgar

***originally written 9 March 2012*** Hmm. The biopic. Maybe the most thankless of film genres. How do you summarise a life? How do you condense years into two hours? The answer, most often, is that you don’t. You can’t. Which is why so many of them don’t work. They feel like cliff-notes at best. Worse … Continue reading Review: J. Edgar

Review: Inception

***originally written 16 July 2010*** Christopher Nolan is largely without compare in the modern cinema landscape, in that he dares to sculpt intelligent, densely-plotted stories on the canvas of the multi-million dollar summer blockbuster. After The Dark Knight, when Inception was first announced, it would have been forgivable to expect a much smaller-scale movie as … Continue reading Review: Inception