Review: Lost Transmissions

Director: Katharine O'Brien Stars: Juno Temple, Simon Pegg, Alexandra Daddario It was only this weekend just gone that I was lounging at home, revisiting itchy 2013 psychological thriller Magic Magic and wondering "where has Juno Temple gone?". Having impressed greatly in that movie and several others in the first half of the last decade, the … Continue reading Review: Lost Transmissions

Review: Horns

I'm going to have to start this one with a little first-world rant, okay, and it's going to sound bitterly middle class, so forgive me. I loathe multiplex cinemas. Despite their booming sound quality and abundance of choice (so long as its mainstream choice), you just can't guarantee a respectful audience. Unlike my local independent … Continue reading Review: Horns

Review: Killer Joe

“The world is full o' complainers. An' the fact is, nothin' comes with a guarantee. Now I don't care if you're the pope of Rome, President of the United States or Man of the Year; somethin' can all go wrong. Now go on ahead, y'know, complain, tell your problems to your neighbour, ask for help, … Continue reading Review: Killer Joe