The Best Films Of The Decade

I posted a list like this, broken out into 5 parts, earlier this year, then took it down again. I was triggered by a couple of other publications that dared to make their lists so early. This is an updated version. Long, but snugly housed all in the one post. It just requires a lot … Continue reading The Best Films Of The Decade

Review: The Look Of Silence

The Look Of Silence follows Joshua Oppenheimer's 2012 documentary The Act Of Killing, behaving as a sister piece. It begins with the exact same text advising the viewer of the immense crimes committed in Indonesia in 1965 - a period of revolution in which the government sanctioned the massacre of a million people labelled 'communists' - … Continue reading Review: The Look Of Silence

Review: The Act Of Killing

Joshua Oppenheimer's documentary The Act Of Killing may be the most chillingly audacious and haunting piece of work to arrive in cinemas this year. It arrives on a wave of critical coos and paragraphs littered with praise, yet at the same time the people urging you to watch this film seem slightly tentative, as though they're … Continue reading Review: The Act Of Killing