Why I Love… #119: Piranha 3D

Year: 2010 Director: Alexandre Aja Stars: Jerry O'Connell, Elisabeth Shue, Kelly Brook The so-called 'B-movie' (the original concept itself long abandoned by cinemas) spins in and out of the modern mainstream with some regularity, usually dependent on some aberration or other hitting it big or creating meme-worthy content. From killer sharks to killer crocs to … Continue reading Why I Love… #119: Piranha 3D

Why I Love… #14: Stand By Me

Year: 1986 Director: Rob Reiner Stars: Wil Wheaton (Gordie), River Phoenix (Chris), Corey Feldman (Teddy), Jerry O’Connell (Vern), Kiefer Sutherland (Ace), Richard Dreyfuss (The Writer) Genre: Drama Well, this is an obvious choice, right? Right? I mean, Jesus, how am I ever going to get my full hipster film-snob creds if I keep writing up … Continue reading Why I Love… #14: Stand By Me