Review: Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Imagine how exhausting it must be being a regular civilian living in any densely populated city in the Marvel universe. You live day-in day-out with the constant threat that, at any moment, a bunch of supernatural acrobatic crime fighters might descend on your bustling home, bringing with them a shitstorm of carnage as they do … Continue reading Review: Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Why I Love… #75: Secretary

Year: 2002 Director: Steven Shainberg Stars: Maggie Gyllenhaal (Lee Holloway), James Spader (Mr Grey), Jeremy Davies (Peter), Lesley Ann Warren (Joan Holloway), Stephen McHattie (Burt Holloway), Patrick Bauchau (Dr. Twardon) Genre: Romance / Drama / Comedy In light of a conspicuous new release in cinemas, now seems like an apt time to unpack the virtues of Steven Shainberg's delightful … Continue reading Why I Love… #75: Secretary

Review: The Homesman

A western with prominent female characters? It's not unheard of but, by and large, the genre is foremost perceived as a boy's club, as much as the gung-ho WW2 flick or the all American baseball movie. Women in westerns are usually either prostitutes or nagging wives. A sorry state of affairs. So when one comes … Continue reading Review: The Homesman

Why I Love… #45: Crash

Year: 1996 Director: David Cronenberg Stars: James Spader (James Ballard), Elias Koteas (Vaughan), Deborah Kara Unger (Catherine Ballard), Holly Hunter (Helen Remington), Rosanna Arquette (Gabrielle) Genre: Drama / Literary Adaptation I've wanted to do a piece about David Cronenberg's Crash for a while now. Since I started this series, actually. Oddly the main, ahem, driving force … Continue reading Why I Love… #45: Crash