Review: IT Chapter Two

Director: Andy Muschietti Stars: Bill Hader, Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy Andy Muschietti's IT felt like a culmination of everything popular horror had been trying to do in the cinema for the past 10 years. It was a grandiose, nostalgia-laced funhouse of jump scares. It moved sleekly, it looked gorgeous and - as with King's doorstop source … Continue reading Review: IT Chapter Two

Review: Tangerine

You know how it is. It's Christmas Eve, you're a transgender prostitute fresh out of lock-up and looking to turn a trick out where Santa Monica meets Highland, when all of a sudden your girlfriend (who's playing a show tonight singing at some dive or other) lets slip that your boyfriend and pimp has been … Continue reading Review: Tangerine

Review: Sinister 2

An open letter to producers of mainstream horror (particularly you, Blumhouse). Just... Stop. Enough is enough, okay? At first it seemed excusable, but we're beyond that now. For too long multiplexes have been handed the most derivative material. Creepy kids. Dour ghosts. That'll-do lead performances from pretty nobodies we'll never see again. Inexplicable motives and … Continue reading Review: Sinister 2