Review: High-Rise

Spying on his mother from the vantage of the twenty-sixth floor balcony, a young boy named Toby (Louis Suc) is spotted by Dr. Robert Laing (Tom Hiddleston) from the balcony below. Laing asks what Toby can see through the kaleidoscope he has in his hands. Toby replies, "the future". This seemingly insignificant moment may be the central … Continue reading Review: High-Rise

Why I Love… #45: Crash

Year: 1996 Director: David Cronenberg Stars: James Spader (James Ballard), Elias Koteas (Vaughan), Deborah Kara Unger (Catherine Ballard), Holly Hunter (Helen Remington), Rosanna Arquette (Gabrielle) Genre: Drama / Literary Adaptation I've wanted to do a piece about David Cronenberg's Crash for a while now. Since I started this series, actually. Oddly the main, ahem, driving force … Continue reading Why I Love… #45: Crash