Review: Wild Mountain Thyme

¬†Director: John Patrick Shanley Stars: Emily Blunt, Jamie Dornan, Jon Hamm John Patrick Shanley is a man of multifaceted talents (playwright, songwriter, director) none of which manifest in the unfathomable Wild Mountain Thyme.¬†Every now and then we're gifted a film so bafflingly incoherent, tonally disastrous and casually awful that it reminds us how easily this … Continue reading Review: Wild Mountain Thyme

Review: Silence

I like silence. More than that, I'm interested in silence. I enjoy listening to experimental works that toy with how silence can be manipulated, and have read books about the nature of silence. Whether it can exist in any complete sense. How perceived silence affects our reaction to the sounds around it. How, like music, … Continue reading Review: Silence