Review: Madeline’s Madeline

Director: Josephine Decker Stars: Helena Howard, Molly Parker, Miranda July Here's the first thing, and its an important one; this isn't so much an indie darling as it is an art house film posing as one. Madeline's Madeline has courted praise in highbrow quarters, and the aura that has been extended is of something perhaps far … Continue reading Review: Madeline’s Madeline

Review: Mid90s

Director: Jonah Hill Stars: Sunny Suljic, Katherine Waterston, Na-Kel Smith With his Danny Torrance-esque mop of hair, Sunny Suljic added another level of Kubrickian shade to Yorgos Lanthimos' The Killing Of A Sacred Deer a couple of years back. Now he takes the lead role in Jonah Hill's directorial debut; a coming-of-age comedy of skateboarding … Continue reading Review: Mid90s

Reservations #2: Me And You And Everyone We Know

Year: 2005 Director: Miranda July Stars: John Hawkes (Richard Swersey), Miranda July (Christine Jesperson). Genre: Comedy Nominated by: Hattie English To begin with Me And You And Everyone We Know feels - as Morgan Freeman's Vitruvius would say in The Lego Movie - like a cat poster. Bright, motivational, slapped with a perfunctory slogan and seemingly expectant … Continue reading Reservations #2: Me And You And Everyone We Know

Review: Electrick Children

Okay, first of all, is anyone enamoured by purposefully misspelled words anymore? Seriously. Just because a ‘k’ has a sharper sound (and shape) than a ‘c’ does not make it cool to play add-or-replace. And even if Electrick Children as a title is supposed to be a pun around the word ‘trick’… it doesn’t work. … Continue reading Review: Electrick Children