The Improbable Opening of Night Of The Demon

Year: 1957 Director: Jacques Tourneur Stars: Dana Andrews, Peggy Cummins, Niall MacGinnis With Halloween fast approaching I, like many others, have upped the horror quota in my viewing habits, revisiting prominent titles as well as exploring far-flung classics. It's taken too long for me to reach back to Jacques Tourneur's Night Of The Demon (aka Curse Of … Continue reading The Improbable Opening of Night Of The Demon

Review: The Lego Movie

On paper I should be against something like this. Product placement in movies is - almost always - the form's artistic nadir. Intrusive, unwanted, soulless and often downright irritating, it pollutes the medium and at its most invasive (I, Robot or Wreck-It Ralph) does considerable damage to the final film*. Then there's the smaller stratosphere of … Continue reading Review: The Lego Movie