Review: Ocean’s Eight

Director: Gary Ross Stars: Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway It's highly possible I'm looking in the wrong (or right) places, but it seems as though the manchild brigade who so thoroughly soiled their nappies over Paul Feig's¬†Ghostbusters haven't had much to say about the arrival of¬†Ocean's Eight. Maybe they're all still too busy getting … Continue reading Review: Ocean’s Eight

Review: The King’s Speech

***originally written 13 January 2011*** New Year generally brings about a glut of furrowed brows on cinema screens as Oscar season brings us a wealth of dramas all hungry for appreciation. It's very easy to find a lot of the earnestness in this a little tiresome. Where summer brings with it the popcorn fluff, winter … Continue reading Review: The King’s Speech