Review: Results

Andrew Bujalski's latest, Results, is his most conspicuously 'mainstream' offering yet, following the warm critical reception to 2013's sublime Computer Chess. But the caveat here is that these things are all relative. It boasts bigger stars than he's worked with before (the dependable and versatile Guy Pearce, the Marvel fan-favourite Cobie Smulders and the in-everything-eventually Giovanni Ribisi) … Continue reading Review: Results

Review: The Rover

About two-thirds of the way through The Rover there's a delightful and unusual moment in which Robert Pattinson's character Rey is seen by himself, at night, sitting behind the wheel of their parked car in the outback, fidgeting (as he does perpetually) and singing along to the pop song "Pretty Girl Rock" by Keri Hilson, the … Continue reading Review: The Rover

Review: Lawless

Lawless is a bloody and violent film, one which whole-heartedly earns its 18 certificate. Set in rural Virginia circa 1931, it proposes to tell the true story of the Bondurant boys, siblings dedicated to the production and transportation of moonshine, attempting to grow rich off of prohibition’s halcyon days, yet still living in abject squalor. … Continue reading Review: Lawless