Review: Hail, Caesar!

Over the last decade especially, the Coen Brothers' output has swung steadily like a metronome; from bleak, lean thriller No Country For Old Men to the acidic comedy of Burn After Reading; the existential crisis of A Serious Man to the crowd pleasuring adventurism of True Grit; the melancholy of Inside Llewyn Davis to their latest effort, Hail, Caesar!  - a classic … Continue reading Review: Hail, Caesar!

Review: Gravity

Bloody hell, this has a lot to live up to. I've been trying to avoid explicit details about Gravity, save for that mesmeric trailer. Nevertheless, the general hubbub of ecstatic praise has been hard to sidestep. And, aside from that feeble, attention-seeking article on the Metro website, it certainly feels as though critical reception for … Continue reading Review: Gravity

Review: The Ides Of March

***originally written 4 November 2011*** Poor George Clooney. Having been gift-wrapped A-list status in the mid-to-late nineties, The Most Charming Man In Hollywood has made concerted efforts not to waste the opportunity. Constantly favouring smaller, quirkier projects rather than the typical superstar vehicles, he has become a respected presence for his dogged pursuit of the … Continue reading Review: The Ides Of March