Review: The Hunt (2020)

Director: Craig Zobel Stars: Betty Gilpin, Ethan Suplee, Emma Roberts George Orwell's most famous works of fiction followed grim dystopian ideas through to their horrible, logical conclusions. In the process of putting these nightmares to paper, one wonders if Orwell didn't give a few people some ideas along the way. It's a notion that is … Continue reading Review: The Hunt (2020)

Review: Scre4m

***originally written 19 April 2011*** "...after the imaginative contraption-killings of the Saw septology, watching multiple knife murders, however ironically intended, is about as thrilling as standing in line at the butcher’s". So says the Empire review of Scre4m, the latest, kind-of-surprising-that-it's-actually-here edition to Wes Craven's franchise. What Empire conveniently forgot to mention, but Scre4m takes … Continue reading Review: Scre4m