Review: Come True

Director: Anthony Scott Burns Stars: Julia Sarah Stone, Landon Liboiron, Carlee Ryski There must be something in the water up in Canada. Certainly it seems to be the place to go for indie treats that blur the boundaries between science fiction and horror, and a new generation is gamely taking up the baton. We have … Continue reading Review: Come True

Review: On Body And Soul

Director: Ildikó  Enyedi Stars: Géza Morcsányi, Alexandra Borbély, Zoltán Schneider A winter forest. Snow bundles rest at the feet of tall, brittle trees. Naked branches jut. A cold stream trickles. Into this peaceful landscape step two deer; a buck and a doe. They stand close. It is serene. It's also a dream shared by two … Continue reading Review: On Body And Soul