Review: Mank

Director: David Fincher Stars: Gary Oldman, Amanda Seyfried, Tuppence Middleton Thanks to his episodic endeavours for Netflix - House of Cards but chiefly Mindhunter - it's been six long years since we were gifted A Film by David Fincher. The drought is up with this stylishly monochrome biopic of rummy Hollywood screenwriter Herman 'Mank' Mankiewicz. … Continue reading Review: Mank

The Best Films Of The Decade

I posted a list like this, broken out into 5 parts, earlier this year, then took it down again. I was triggered by a couple of other publications that dared to make their lists so early. This is an updated version. Long, but snugly housed all in the one post. It just requires a lot … Continue reading The Best Films Of The Decade

Why I Love… #76: Alien³

Year: 1992 Director: David Fincher Stars: Sigourney Weaver (Lt. Ellen Ripley),  Charles Dance (Clemens), Charles S. Dutton (Dillon), Brian Glover (Andrews), Ralph Brown (Aaron), Paul McGann (Golic)Danny Webb (Morse), Lance Henriksen (Bishop II) Genre: Horror / Drama In space no one can hear a fanboy scream. I've been toying with the idea of covering the … Continue reading Why I Love… #76: Alien³

Review: Gone Girl

Gone Girl, the new film from director David Fincher, lives or dies, aptly, on appearances. The veneer of things. The assumption that what you can see is what something is. Watch the trailer and you'll be given the impression this is another Fincher procedural. Something mixing the sensibilities of Dragon Tattoo with Zodiac. It almost seems a … Continue reading Review: Gone Girl

Why I Love… #24: Zodiac

Year: 2007 Director: David Fincher Stars: Jake Gyllenhaal (Robert Greysmith), Mark Ruffalo (Inspector David Toschi), Robert Downey Jr. (Paul Avery), Anthony Edwards (Inspector William Armstrong), Chloe Sevigny (Melanie), John Carroll Lynch (Arthur Leigh Allen), Brian Cox (Melvin Belli) Genre: Crime Drama David Fincher makes beautiful looking films, but beautiful in a way different from most other A-list … Continue reading Why I Love… #24: Zodiac

Review: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

***originally written 30 December 2011*** If David Fincher’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo achieves anything that Niels Arden Oplev’s movie doesn’t, it will hopefully be selling the idea to the rest of Hollywood that there is an audience for thoughtful, intelligent adult-orientated cinema again. With the critical and commercial success of Drive, and following … Continue reading Review: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Review: The Social Network

***originally written 21 October 2010*** "Is there a land speed record for talking?" one character asks somewhere in the middle of this movie. No kidding. The Social Network is the latest movie from director David Fincher, from a script by celebrated screenwriter Aaron Sorkin. Sorkin has made a name for himself writing dense, talky and … Continue reading Review: The Social Network