100 Favourite Films – A Personal List

I'll try not to go on. I'll try to be brief. But there are 100 films here, so this may run long, you understand? It's been five years since I last drew up a top films list on The Lost Highway Hotel (that list, in mockery of Empire magazine, ran to 301 films). A lot … Continue reading 100 Favourite Films – A Personal List

Review: Mandy

Director: Panos Cosmatos Stars: Nicolas Cage, Andrea Riseborough, Linus Roache Just lately, physical media outlet HMV have started repackaging classic cult titles in VHS boxes. Inside are blu-rays, but the chunky throwback aesthetic is to another period's tech altogether. This marketing choice has seemed strange to me; inauthentic nostalgia without the follow-through (what about putting … Continue reading Review: Mandy