An ode to Exeter Picturehouse

I first went to Exeter Picturehouse in the middle of 2000. I was a moody 17-year-old who had become partially fixated by Jeffrey Eugenides' The Virgin Suicides. I knew Sofia Coppola had made a movie of it and I was desperate to see it. But it was something of an 'indie' movie (I was by no … Continue reading An ode to Exeter Picturehouse

Review: Tenet

Director: Christopher Nolan Stars: Elizabeth Debicki, John David Washington, Robert Pattinson One can only imagine the frustration felt by Christopher Nolan as a juggernaut larger than his own tentpole film took over its release. The feted director's fixation with controlling time must've never seemed so far from his reach as when Covid overtook him. Oh cruel … Continue reading Review: Tenet

Review: Proxima

Director: Alice Winocour Stars: Eva Green, Matt Dillon, Zélie Boulant With some trepidation today I took my first steps back into a cinema in nearly five months. A humid Saturday afternoon was cooled with an uneasy but pleasantly air-conditioned matinee. From behind my mask I was able to catch-up with familiar members of staff (behind … Continue reading Review: Proxima

Some Kind Of Dream Place: Mulholland Drive In The Cinema

"Now its dark," Frank Booth sinisterly intones more than once in Blue Velvet as his evil deeds transfix both Jeffrey Beaumount and the audience watching. It's a line of dialogue that - The Straight Story and possibly Dune aside - could act as generic tagline to most of David Lynch's feature work. But for Lynch this takes on … Continue reading Some Kind Of Dream Place: Mulholland Drive In The Cinema

Review: Fear Itself

Earlier this year I wrote a somewhat critical appraisal of Charlie Lyne's documentary on high school movies Beyond Clueless, bemoaning what I felt was a lack of depth. However, in the months since I've found myself revisiting the feature on more than one occasion. While I still find some of the insights lacking, the technique … Continue reading Review: Fear Itself