Review: The Christmas Chronicles

Director: Clay Kaytis Stars: Kurt Russell, Darby Camp, Judah Lewis Christmas movies. To some they're the best part of the season. Shamelessly sentimental, cosy and familiar. Thanks to that ever-quickening calendar year they're among the movies we end up seeing the most, whether you have children or not. And regardless of quality. There's a get-out-of-jail-free … Continue reading Review: The Christmas Chronicles

Review: Bad Santa 2

Director: Mark Waters Stars: Billy Bob Thornton, Christina Hendricks, Kathy Bates Different types of movies serve different functions. Action blockbusters serve as pure escapism with their multi-million dollar firework displays. Documentaries and dramas depicting great social change ask us to reflect on the world around us, to challenge preconceived notions. Art house cinema provokes us … Continue reading Review: Bad Santa 2

Why I Love… #38: Singin’ In The Rain

Year: 1952 Directors: Stanley Donen & Gene Kelly Stars: Gene Kelly (Don Lockwood), Debbie Reynolds (Kathy Selden), Donald O'Connor (Cosmo Brown), Jean Hagan (Lina Lamont), Millard Mitchell (R.F. Simpson) Genre: Musical One of the most popular and quite simply entertaining movies of all time. Set in the 20s as sound was about to change cinema … Continue reading Why I Love… #38: Singin’ In The Rain

Review: Rare Exports – A Christmas Tale

***originally written 4 January 2011*** Better late than never, ey? The time to see this movie has possibly passed. But I committed to reviewing the movies I saw at the cinema, and last week, thanks very kindly to a couple friends, I was able to catch Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale. This is not a … Continue reading Review: Rare Exports – A Christmas Tale