The Best Films Of The Decade

I posted a list like this, broken out into 5 parts, earlier this year, then took it down again. I was triggered by a couple of other publications that dared to make their lists so early. This is an updated version. Long, but snugly housed all in the one post. It just requires a lot … Continue reading The Best Films Of The Decade

Review: Transit

Director: Christian Petzold Stars: Franz Rogowski, Paula Beer, Lilien Batman  In spite of the elegant calm of his scenes and the stillness often viewed in his characters, there's a sense of urgency about the cinema of Christian Petzold. Chiefly this comes from his protagonists, who have a habit of restlessly seeking some form of safety … Continue reading Review: Transit

Review: Phoenix

Nelly (Nina Hoss) is a holocaust survivor returning to Germany soon after the end of the war, brought back to the world by her friend Lene (Nina Kuzendorf). When we first meet Nelly she is wrapped in bandages from the mistreatment wrought on her in the concentration camps. More bandages replace these as, with the … Continue reading Review: Phoenix