Review: Logan Lucky

Director: Steven  Soderbergh Stars: Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Riley Keough It's been a funny ol' summer season, dotted with misfiring mid-budget hopefuls amid the usual glut of studio sequels, prequels and reboots. Even the successes (A Ghost Story for example) failed to capitalise on their critical acclaim. I started covering Twin Peaks not just because I … Continue reading Review: Logan Lucky

Review: Hail, Caesar!

Over the last decade especially, the Coen Brothers' output has swung steadily like a metronome; from bleak, lean thriller No Country For Old Men to the acidic comedy of Burn After Reading; the existential crisis of A Serious Man to the crowd pleasuring adventurism of True Grit; the melancholy of Inside Llewyn Davis to their latest effort, Hail, Caesar!  - a classic … Continue reading Review: Hail, Caesar!

Review: Jupiter Ascending

Poor Channing Tatum. Looking back over the films of his that I've reviewed on here, combined with those I've seen otherwise, and some quick maths reveals my average score for his output is 1.625 out of 5. Including The Lego Movie skews this upward a bit, but really that's just a cameo. So 1.625. Hardly comforting when … Continue reading Review: Jupiter Ascending

Review: Foxcatcher

In the Coen Brothers' 1991 feature Barton Fink the eponymous playwrite suffers an agonising stretch of writer's block when he's commissioned to pen a wrestling picture for a Hollywood studio. The joke within the movie is that the wrestling picture sub-genre has never really existed, though the Coens have fun inventing its imagined tropes as poor Barton … Continue reading Review: Foxcatcher

Pretty Vacancy: Watching 4 Step Up Films (Nearly) Back-To-Back Part 1

Roughly 15 months ago my former housemates and I shut ourselves in a room on a beautiful sunny day, drew the curtains and watched the first five films from the Fast & Furious franchise back-to-back while I documented the course of the events as a two-part blog post. The end result was kinda funny, kinda silly, kinda … Continue reading Pretty Vacancy: Watching 4 Step Up Films (Nearly) Back-To-Back Part 1

Review: White House Down

You've got to wonder about Roland Emmerich sometimes. Not content with blowing up the White House with an alien laser beam in Independence Day, he's now returned to America's most famous residence to fill it with terrorists and play a slapstick game of Die Hard, gleefully blasting away masonry and smashing chandeliers. Anyone might think that there … Continue reading Review: White House Down