Twin Peaks Season 3: Part 5

This post will contain SPOILERS from the beginning. For some of us it's been an awfully long fortnight following so much new material. It was almost overwhelming being handed four hours of new Twin Peaks, especially seeing as David Lynch seems keen to double-down on his reputation for dream logic, disturbing brutality and extremely absurd humour. It … Continue reading Twin Peaks Season 3: Part 5

Why I Love… #66: The Man Who Fell To Earth

Year: 1976 Director: Nicolas Roeg Stars: David Bowie (Thomas Newton), Rip Torn (Nathan Bryce), Candy Clark (Mary-Lou), Buck Henry (Oliver Farnsworth) Bernie Casey (Peters) Genre: Science Fiction There are better Nicolas Roeg films than The Man Who Fell To Earth. Chiefly Walkabout and Don't Look Now stand out as far more cohesive, artistically satisfying pieces of work, while … Continue reading Why I Love… #66: The Man Who Fell To Earth