Review: Carrie (2013)

The variable quality of Stephen King adaptations should probably be kept in mind here. The popular novelist's work can hardly be said to have made it to the screen consistently. Sure, there are notable successes (Stanley Kubrick's┬áThe Shining, the efforts of Rob Reiner or Frank Darabont), but more often than not we're presented with incredibly … Continue reading Review: Carrie (2013)

Why I Love… #49: Blow Out

Year: 1981 Director: Brian De Palma Stars: John Travolta (Jack Terry), Nancy Allen (Sally), John Lithgow (Burke), Dennis Franz (Manny Karp), John Aquino (Det. Mackay) Genre: Thriller Generally speaking, my rule of thumb with this series has been to only pick from movies I've watched again and again, the ones that stand up to scrutiny, … Continue reading Why I Love… #49: Blow Out